Would you like to have this scanner for the cost it takes to ship it to you? You can also pay $80 plus shipping. Your Choice.

The Visioneer 6000 will scan book pages as large as 8.5 inches by 11 inches for OCR or in full color.  It attaches through the parallel port of your Windows 95/98/ME/2000 computer.  The award winning software includes Textbridge OCR and is completely unchanged from the

Nothing is free. We will trade your time and effort for money. So the "Book Scanner" is a trade. We will give you a scanner if you give us two digitized books. Several of the books on www.antiquebooks.net were scanned using exactly this same model of scanner, and we have many of these scanners, brand-new, in the box. While they are discontinued models, our group has been designing and building scanners for over 20 years and we can tell you that these are very nice full-color, high resolution, parallel port (printer port) scanners. The deal is that you buy a book scanner from us, but when we receive within a CD Rom containing digitized versions of two old books as defined below, we will mail you a check reimbusing the full purchase price of $80. You pay only the shipping and handling charge.

If you buy a book scanner from us, you must agree to scan at least 2 old books for us in 60 days and put these books on a CDRom and mail it to us. The books must pre-date 1924 (they must have a copyright of 1923 or before) or it must be obvious they are this old. The rules on scanning are simple: between 200 and 600 DPI (dots/pixels per inch) in full color saved as JPEG (or JPG) page (or two page spread) images numbered consecutively. Each book must reside as a set of JPG files in one directory. If you choose to do OCR on the book, then one directory contain the page images and be called JPG, and the OCR results must contain ASCII Text files of the correspondingly named ASCII text and be called TXT. The software supplied with the scanner will easily "export" the images to a file directory in the simple JPEG form and will, with more difficulty, be able to export the images and the OCR results as just defined. You can choose between just image or image plus OCR. Obviously the first one is easier, but we give you credit as "Courtesy " on the book online, and it can be as good as you want to make it. After digitizing the books, you make a CDRom using a CD writer and mail it to us. We will make a good faith effort to put this book on the web for free reading by everybody in the world, indefinitely and, if we succeed in putting the book on the web, we agree to give you credit for digitizing the book as "Courtesy ".

If there is any part of this task that you cannot perform, for whatever reason, you are not eligible for a scanner unless you just intend to buy it with your credit card. If you can do these things, we will give you the scanner. If you fail, for any reason, to accomplish the task in trade in the 60 day time frame required, we will charge your credit card $80 for the scanner. Once you have paid for the scanner either by cash or in-kind, it is yours.

Place your order by filling out the form below. The cost of the Visioneer 6000 scanner is $80 plus $15 for shipping and handling. When we receive 2 digitized books on CD Rom, defined as above, we will write a check reimbursing the $80 back to you.

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